Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UEFI/GPT drives

Dear all.

Please have a look at the following site to familiarize yourself with the new implementation of formatting and drive allocations:

With the staggering increase in HDD capacities, you will start to experience difficulty to make all this space available to windows by conventional means:
Configure RAID 5 (for example);
Configure a small partition for Windows install;
Configure the rest for a data drive.

Now, having a data drive (or the requirement thereof) with a capacity larger than 2TB is becoming all too common.  To comply with this request, you have to be aware of the MBR file size limits.  UEFI now surpasses those limits and allows drives larger than 2TB to be allocated within windows.  This is a setting that must be made in the BIOS (this conventional term will also fall away) to change from BIOS to UEFI.

With the server installation, you will now be able to address all capacity.  There are also more additional partitions created for system files (traditionally, this was a single 1x 100MB drive).